Two Party Preferred

ALP 52% up 1%
L-NP 48% down 1%
Morgan Poll - May 2019

Voting Intention

ALP 35.5
L-NP 38.5
Greens 10
Ind 16
Morgan Poll - May 2019

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence (Weekly - May 18/19, 2019)

117.2 +2.4

Unemployment (Monthly - Apr. 2019)

8.9 -2

Business Confidence (Monthly - April 2019)

102.9 -3.8

Inflation Expectations (Monthly - March 2019)

4 +0

Latest Morgan Poll Releases

Scott Morrison wins surprise Federal Election

Saturday’s Federal Election results shows the L-NP Government will likely be returned with a small majority. Analysis of the polls show all polls significantly underestimated the L-NP primary vote. The Roy Morgan Poll a week before the Federal Election had L-NP support at 38.5% – 2.9% lower than their actual vote of 41.4%.

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66% of Australians think the ALP will win Federal Election

A special Roy Morgan SMS Poll conducted over the last few days shows a large majority of 66% of Australian electors think the ALP will win this week’s Federal Election compared to only 34% that think the L-NP Coalition will win.

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The Greens are hoping for a big election. But who are they?

Australians head to an important Federal Election this week with the latest Roy Morgan Polls showing the ALP 51% with a narrow lead over the L-NP 49% on a two-party preferred basis. Support for the Greens was at 11% in the Roy Morgan Poll conducted on May 4/5, 2019.

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Federal 2 Party Vote

Morgan Poll - May 2019. 1,265 electors Party

Confidence Ratings

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