Roy Morgan announces winners of the 2017 Customer Satisfaction Awards

Roy Morgan announces winners of the 2017 Customer Satisfaction Awards

Market Research : Finding No: 7505

To keep customers businesses need their satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, advocacy and trust. Too often it can go wrong for businesses – making those that do care about satisfying their customers all the more special and worthy of celebration. This is precisely what happened at the seventh annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards…

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ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence down again by 3.5% to 115.3

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence Rating - February 20, 2018 - 115.3

Economic : Finding No: 7410

ANZ-Roy Morgan Australian Consumer Confidence fell 3.5% this week to 115.3, following a 2.6% decline in the previous week. For the second straight week all sub-indices posted declines, with sentiment around economic conditions dropping sharply.

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2.5 million car insurance policies at risk of switching

Market Research : Finding No: 7502

Over the last 12 months, more than one in five (2.54 million) holders of comprehensive car insurance policies either changed companies or renewed with the same company after approaching others. This represents an increase of nearly 400,000 over the last four years and presents a major marketing opportunity to target these policy holders who are ‘looking around’ for an alternative company. It also represents a major risk to existing insurance companies.

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High satisfaction with private health insurance claims

Market Research : Finding No: 7501

Some good news for private health insurers, their members have a very high 88.8% satisfaction when they make a claim. This new research from Roy Morgan has come at a critical time for this industry as it faces negative publicity over the impending increased premiums.

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Reducing taxation and improving health benefits are major issues

Parliament House Canberra

Political : Finding No: 7506

Taxation issues, including lower taxes and tax reform, are mentioned by 22% of Australian electors as the leading issue the Federal Government could address that would most benefit electors and their families, unchanged since the last time this question was asked in May 2010.

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Costco & Kmart battle for 2017 customer satisfaction award

Market Research : Finding No: 7499

Costco and Kmart are locked in a tight battle for the 2017 Annual Roy Morgan Discount Department Store Customer Satisfaction Award. Both stores improved their customer satisfaction over the past year. However, Costco’s monthly victory in November 2017, with a customer satisfaction rating of 88.9%, narrowly beat out leading rival Kmart on 88.3%.

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Six million Australians make Swimming ‘Number 1 Sport’

Australian Sports Participants - Swimming - December 2017

Market Research : Finding No: 7498

Swimming is Australia’s leading sport with over six million Australians participating in swimming either regularly or occasionally in the last three months. Swimming is one of the rare Australian sporting pursuits where more women (3.45 million) participate than men (2.58 million).

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Declining gas customer satisfaction

Market Research : Finding No: 7484

Only 57.0% of gas customers are satisfied with their provider, down from 60.5% 12 months ago. This low satisfaction is resulting in over 660,000 households considering that they will be likely to switch companies over the next twelve months.

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Holiday intention increasing with domestic leading

Holiday intention increasing with domestic leading

Market Research : Finding No: 7489

In the last 12 months, the proportion of Australians planning to take a holiday has increased to 70% the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Holiday Tracking Survey reveal.

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Women falling behind in ‘professional’ super advice

Women falling behind in ‘professional’ super advice

Market Research : Finding No: 7485

Only 11.3% of females purchase their superannuation through a ‘professional’ compared to 14.4% for males. Given the fact that women have much lower superannuation balances than men, there is considerable potential to close the gap if they were able to make greater use of ‘professional’ advisors, these include financial planners, accountants, stock brokers etc.

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Skoda vs Lexus- tight finish for car satisfaction award

Skoda vs Lexus- tight finish for car satisfaction award

Market Research : Finding No: 7486

With only one month to go to the announcement of the winner of the 2017 Annual Roy Morgan Car Manufacturer Satisfaction Award, two brands are currently locked in battle for top position.  In the year to November, Skoda holds a narrow lead with a satisfaction rating of 97.5%, followed by Lexus on 97.1%. The winner will be announced at the 2017 Annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards being held later in February.

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The rise of the female breadwinner

March 06 2017

With International Women's Day almost upon us, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that more women than ever are their household’s main income earner.

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Satisfaction with electricity providers declining

January 26 2018

New results from Roy Morgan show that customer satisfaction with electricity providers in the 12 months to November 2017 was only 57.6%, down from 61.8% in the 12 months to November 2016. This low satisfaction level appears to be increasing the nu...

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New vehicle buying intentions up 142,000

February 02 2018

Some 2.38 million Australians intend to purchase a new vehicle in the next four years. This is an increase of 142,000 over the same period last year and has left intentions only marginally lower than the fifteen year high recorded in February 2017...

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Business travel down after mining boom

February 03 2018

The end of the mining boom has reduced business air travelers in Australia in recent years despite continued broader economic growth with the two key mining states of Western Australia and Queensland experiencing substantial drops.

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